The RustFest Chat

Getting Started #

Besides the video feed, we will have an ongoing chat community on our own Matrix server. When you log into the conference experience on you can set it up with an existing Matrix account or create a new one to use for the conference chat.

Matrix and Element — what is this? #

Matrix is the open source, federated messaging service that we are using as the backbone of our conference chat. The global Matrix network is built of multiple servers, such as or This distributed service can be accessed via clients (both web-based clients and apps). Your account (username) is bound to a server, and you should be able to use it with any client by setting your server details appropriately.

Element is the most popular client application for accessing the Matrix network. We host our own intance of the Element web client on

Use an existing account #

If you already have a Matrix account on another server, such as or, you can use that on our platform. Login on, click Chat and add your Matrix account.

Note: Your account name is in the format:

Creating an account #

The easiest way to create a new account is to do so when you login on

You can also go directly to and click "Create Account". Fill in your details, set a password and click "Register". Once that's done head back to and tell us your account name.

Note: Your account name is in the format:

Rooms #

When you login and register your Matrix account with the system you get invited into the main conference chat. You find a list of rooms on and can invite yourself there.

We do mirror the general chat and talk rooms to the livestream page, which means that the content you post in there is public (but read-only to the outside world).

Official Rooms #

RustFest Global 2020 #

This is the general chat room and everyone's here. It might get busy at times.

Talk rooms #

Every talk will have a special room assigned. The room will be named after the talk title. Questions on the talk can be asked there. Speakers hang around too and are happy to answer those.

Global Entertainment #

Welcome to the disco. RustFest Global has a stellar lineup of artists in breaks. Want to talk about that? This is the place for it.

The Announcements room #

This room is for organisers only to make annoucements about the conference. You should join it to keep on top of important announcements, but posting is limited to organizers only.

The Moderation room #

Moderators will be hanging out here and are approachable for issues. Also feel free to get in touch in private.

Your own room? #

Want to split out a discussion around a certain topic? Just create a new room!

  1. In Element click the + next to Rooms in the left sidbear.
  2. Click "Create new room"
  3. Give it a name and topic, then click "Create Room"
  4. Once you're in invite Ferris: /invite
  5. Make ferris an Admin: /op 100

Ferris will take care of adding it to the list of rooms all attendees can join. It also ensures we can moderate the channel if neccessary.

Note: Unfortunately at the moment this requires that channels are not end-to-end encrypted. This is the default setting, please keep it at that.