Tickets & Access

Here is everything you need to know about getting access to RustFest's content! If after reading this you still have questions we are happy to answer them, just drop us a line at!

Q: Do I need a ticket to watch the live stream? #

Actually you don't!
We will live stream the talks on our website, open and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

But please note that the public live stream is lower resolution, and you won't have access to advanced features, such as instant talk replays. You also won't be able to talk & interact with other attendees in the conference chat (but the chat is still displayed on the public stream). Subtitles and live captions are provided on both the public & paid stream pages! For a detailed list of the differences, check out this page!

Q: Where can I get a ticket? #

Right here:

Q: Will the talk recordings be published? #

Yes! We will start releasing all RustFest talks around December on the official Rust YouTube channel in high resolution. (Just a note: individual speakers have the right to opt out of having their talks published, but this is rare.)

Q: If I can watch the stream for free & you publish the talk recordings why should I get a ticket? #

Good question! Not only that you will be supporting us in our efforts of getting this show on the road, but also you will get access to useful features and the moderated RustFest chat for attendees.

Q: What do I get by buying a ticket/access? #

Q: What are the ticket options? Do they differ in the perks? #

We have a 100 EUR and a 30 EUR ticket option.
The only difference is the price, and that we request that — if your employer is paying or reimbursing the ticket — you purchase the 100€ Standard ticket. All paid tickets come with a proper tax receipt, so if you are a freelancer or non-profit you are encouraged and welcome to opt for the 30€ ticket.

We also have a limited time pay-what-you-can ticket option!

Q: I don't think I can afford those ticket prices, do you have a less expensive option? #

Yes! For a limited time we offer pay-what-you-can tickets priced at 20€, 10€ and 0€ respectively. Yes, that means that we have a free ticket option! The pay-what-you-can tickets can be purchased until November 1, 23:59 UTC.

Q: Do you offer student discounts/diversity tickets/discounts for non-profits/etc.? #

Please check out our pay-what-you-can ticket option! Missed the deadline? Read on...

Q: Oh no! I missed the deadline and couldn't get a pay-what-you-can ticket! Can you help? #

Sure! Please drop us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Q: Can I still purchase a ticket during or after the conference? #

Yes! Don't want to commit yet? You can check out the livestream and if you like what you see you can "upgrade" to the paid stream in 10 seconds! This even applies to the entire month of November, you can watch any of the talks anytime if you have purchased full access. Just keep in mind that pay-what-you-can tickets won't be available after October. If you want to be notified when the conference goes live, consider subscribing to our newsletter.

Q: I tried to buy a ticket, but the price displayed was more than 30€/100€, what's going on? #

International sales taxes for digital goods is a tricky business, and turns out purchasing access to cyberspace-conferences counts as a digital good (time, ideally!). There is nothing we can do about this, but use a service that helps us account for the sales tax that individual jurisdictions require and pay our due diligence after the event.

Q: The checkout page asks for a lot of personal information ☹ Is this strictly neccessary? #

Unfortunately, yes. We need to collect this information for proper bookkeeping. Due to how international sales tax works we also need ascertain the purchaser's location (country) so we can ensure that we comply with the rules and pay our tax obligations to the respective jurisdictions.

Q: I don't have a credit card, is there any other way I can pay? Can I pay with cryptocurrency? #

Unfortunately you cannot pay with cryptocurrency or other services at this moment.

For purchases of 100 EUR or more you may email us at and we can send you an invoice, which you can pay by wire transfer (our bank is based in The Netherlands and accepts wire transfer payments in Euros).

Q: I, or my employer is an EU business with an EU VAT number, how can I get the VAT removed from the ticket price? #

Our ticketing service allows you to enter your VAT number, after which the VAT reverse charge mechanism kicks in and the VAT shouldn't apply. If you run into any trouble just contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

Q: Is there swag??? #

Short answer: no. 😞

International logistics is hard, global international logistics is even tougher to get right (and especially in a responsible manner). We are a small team on a tight budget and strict timeline, so we didn't feel like we could tackle all these issues in the short amount of time until the event.

That said, we are really proud of the design our designers put together, and haven't given up the hope that we might be able to come up with something cool -- and something that satisfies our high standards both from a quality and from a sustainability perspective. If that happens, it will be definitely after the event, though.

Q: You all are a cool bunch!! How could I support you more? #

Wow thank you! 😊 The easiest way to support us is by simply buying a 100€ ticket. You could also recommend that your company sponsor RustFest. If you would like to support us beyond the 100€ ticket price, please send us an email and we can figure out the best way to do that.

But honestly, best thing you can do is just spread the word and tell people about RustFest who you think might be interested! We have talks for all audience levels, from beginners to Rust Experts, even ones perfectly suited for anyone with no Rust/systems-programming background at all! Thank you! 💖

Any other questions? Feedback? Drop us a mail! #

If you have any other questions of would like to share feedback about the above, just drop us a line at!