Rhymed Speaker Introductions by the Rust Bard


The one and only Rust Bard llogiq introduces each and every speaker at the conference in style, with rhymes of a unique little limerick!

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  • Andre 'llogiq' Bogus Andre 'llogiq' Bogus

    Ex-Musician and Voice Actor turned programmer, Rust Bard, limericks as @llogiq on twitter, nags weekly on Reddit and rust-users, father of three kids, devourer of waffles, player of many instruments. Rust Mentor, clippy maintainer, wants us all to be even more awesome than we already are. Has "Rustacean" as his actual job title.

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    RustFest Global 2020 Speaker Introductions

    keen is, as the name implicates
    very keen on how he creates
    with code many kind
    of lisps and behind
    all this are, well, some Rusty crates

    Yousuke Onoue will teach
    a way the Rust language can reach
    the web, so assemble
    make JavaScript tremble
    and onwards go into the breach

    Tomohiro Kato does try
    to get a Rust-based A.I.
    into chips to embed
    to get stuff on the net
    here's hope that the circuits won't fry

    Aki has the unbreakable will
    to get Rust to the metal, to mill
    it into shapes snappy
    make customers happy
    though this battle is somewhat uphill

    Tarun helpfully teaches Rust
    to newbies who start out and must
    learn the concepts, the tools
    and the various rules
    until their own experience they trust

    Zac Burns wants to serialize
    some ideas that we all won't despise
    into one talk to make
    us see what it will take
    to make code easier to realize

    Jin Mingjian uses Rust to enhance
    some database apps' performance
    as he breaks apart
    the state of the art
    to make hashtables and b-trees dance

    Nikita makes Rust interactive
    so if learning it is your directive
    you won't need to fight
    to see what's inside
    to become a debugging detective

    Aïssata Maiga lets me know
    how to make bots without Arduino
    writing Rust to move
    her bot to my groove
    Sure there will be some cool stuff to see, no?

    Daan and Diane get us to the hype
    Of keeping secrets in a type
    Disallowing creation
    of some optimization
    that just might tell the feds what you type

    Gavin and Matthijs show how one might
    a large project in Rust rewrite
    start out small, let it grow
    until stealing the show
    from whatever was there before, right?

    Vivian wants us to be safe
    and our code on the web to behave
    use Rust to generate
    code that will validate
    risky inputs, no need to be brave

    Miri ist Rust's interpreter
    And Christian will gladly debate'er
    On how to bequeath
    her the stuff underneath
    so she can run until much later

    Anastasia plays Rust like a flute
    or maybe a magical lute
    to then simulate
    things that art may create
    and this art does really compute

    Stefan gives us three steps to learn Rust
    Not saying that follow you must,
    but if humble you are
    with Rust you'll go far
    as you learn the compiler to trust

    Glowcoil shows how vectors can act
    to create a great UI, in fact
    they are easy to do
    on a slow GPU
    and they won't fall together when stacked

    Sean Chen wants to show the appeal
    of nicely with errors to deal
    seeing rustc's example
    there really are ample
    suggestions you really should steal

    Max Orok shows science, not fiction
    and Rust ain't no contradiction
    it sure won't spill your beans,
    so use it by all means
    if permitted by your jurisdiction

    Carlo Supina and Micah strive
    left for dead Rust projects to revive
    by making it dress
    up with an ECS
    now it's perfectly looking alive.

    Andrew Dona-Couch will now go
    to the farthest reach of Rust to show
    if you're willing to get
    your coding feet wet
    Tier three has got some room to grow

    Colton Donelly takes Rust to school
    to show freshmen the language is cool
    and capable, fun
    great to fail or to run
    all in all it's a great teaching tool